What is DITY?

DITY is an app with many benefits. It helps any user have his/her parcel delivered locally with minimal cost and effort. DITY allows a person to make income as a delivery person on their own schedule (work when you want to work). It also allows a person to receive passive income for referring a friend with your personal referral code. (receive at least 25 cents every time the person you refer pays for a delivery FOREVER). These are just a few of the benefits!

DITY is very convenient! Any user who has left anything behind and needs it delivered, wants to reduce the amount of time spent doing errands, wants to add more value to their customers, needs something delivered today, just wants more FREEDOM! You can raise request to be picked up from any location and get it delivered to any destination location.

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Delivery, Logistics


Native iOS app with Python Web Back-End

Target Consumers

Professionals, Students, busy moms, business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, Craigslist purchases, etc., or any person who needs something delivered locally for convenience or necessity to their home or any place. The delivery person can be directed to pick up from any location and deliver to any location.


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Canada, US

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DITY works on business model of combining the best of Software-Only and On-Demand approach by applying delayed chain payments for the delivery person to receive his payment in pocket as quickly as possible.

An amazing fact

An interesting fact about the courier industry is that we spend 30% of the cost of items on delivering them from one place to another.


How to use DITY


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How do I create an account?

For creating the account, please download the app from app store (link) & play store (link). After going through the on boarding screen, user to login or Register his/her account. For Registering, he/she will have to enter the details asked & verify his/her mobile number by entering the OTP. Once mobile number is verified, his/her account will be created

How do I make passive money by referring my referral code?

For example purposes, we will be using several individuals using the app. They will be called “users” and labeled user “A”, user “B”, user “C”, user “D”, user “E”, user “F”, and user “G”. Each user on the application will have the ability to make some passive money by sharing his/her referral code. User will get .25 cents on each delivery happening up to three levels under him/her.

- Each user will get a minimum of 25 cents for each delivery done by a person linked to their referral code.

- You will be able to earn a minimum of 25 cents on accounts linked up to three degrees of separation.

- Say for example, User A signed up on the app. He gets his referral code which he shares with User B, User C, and User D.

- User B and User C use User A's code while sign up, they get linked up for referral amount for each delivery happening.

- Say User D did not use A's referral code, he does not get linked with user A.

- Say User B, C and D have shared their referral code with User E, and User E has used B's referral code while registration.

- Now say User E sends his/her referral code to User G who uses his referral code to Sign up.

- Now whenever User G does their delivery, User E, User B, and User A will get the following amount as referral amount:

1.User A - 25 cents

2.User B - 25 cents

3.User E - 25 cents

It may seem pretty complicated, but simply put, MAKE SURE PEOPLE USE YOUR REFERRAL CODE and get your account connected to receive payments!

How do I request a delivery?

For requesting a delivery, click on the “Request Pickup” to enter details such as pick up/Destination Location, Recipient, Deliver time, Type of parcel, any additional comment if necessary. User will have the ability to view cost of delivery based on the location travelled. Once all the information shared, he/she will have to request a delivery & all nearby users to pick up location will be notified

How do I track a delivery?

User will be able to track delivery on google maps within the application. User can see where the parcel is now & see the progress happening on the track.

How do I become a driver?

User can become a driver by simply registering on the application & look for deliveries under “Deliver” tab & respond to the deliveries so that Requester user is notify & can award the deliveries.

How do I award a delivery to a driver?

User can award delivery by selecting the dispatcher & make payment for the same. Once payment is successful, delivery user will be notified to start delivery.

As a driver, how do I pick a parcel to deliver?

Once the delivery is award, Delivery user will get all the details of the parcel i.e. pick up & destination location, type any additional comment etc.

How do I get paid for delivery?

Upon successful delivery of the parcel, once it has confirmed by the recipient user & no dispute is raised in next 6- 8 hours, he/she will get the payment in their stripe account

What is stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway used to capture payments.

How do I set up a Stripe account?

User will have to connect with stripe from the app itself & once connected, user will have to fill in the details asked in the form & verify. Once verified, stripe account will be created & remain connected to the application.

How do I end a delivery?

In order to end the delivery, the person delivering the item will have to take photos of the parcel & upload them. Once the photos are successfully uploaded, the item recipient will get a OTP (One Time Password) on his/her mobile device that must be given to the person delivering the item so they can enter the code on their device. Once the OTP is entered, the person delivering the item will be able to end the delivery. This helps the delivery person confirm they are delivering the item to the correct person.

About The Founders

Dr. Bryan Deloney

DITY is an acronym for Deliver It To You. DITY allows you to have a driver pick up anything from any location. You just tell the driver where to go. He or she will pick up the item and conveniently deliver it to you or to another person/location that you determine. This app is not limited to food, but can be used to pick up food from any restaurant after you have placed the order and paid the restaurant. This app can be used to pick up orders from any retail outlet with in store pick up. It can even be used to deliver an item purchased from craigslist, to send documents to any location, to send your keys to friend, or send your kids homework to school while you’re at work. The possibilities are endless. This is an app of convenience. Time is the only thing you can’t get more of. Spend your time the way you want, and not running errands.

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